Information on Call Centers

Call centers have become as ubiquitous to today’s business world as the travelling salesman used to be in the 1950s. Call centres have not always had the same kind of respectable reputation that they do now. When they first started out, they were a hard-sell outfit that consumers equated with interrupted suppers and pushy salespeople […]

How To Use VBA To Create A Complex If Statement In Excel

An Excel “if” statement enables the worksheet to change the value of a cell based on another cell. For example, if you had these test results, the worksheet would put a “pass” or “fail” in the cell containing the formula. 55,=if(a1>=50,”Pass”,”Fail”)45,=if(a2becomes:55,Pass45,Fail The formulas become challenging when more parameters are included and this article will show […]

The Stages of US Airline Deregulation

I. Regulation Although US airline deregulation was initially envisioned as leading to an increased number of carriers whose divergent service concepts, market segments, fleets, and route structures would have produced new competition, stimulated traffic, and lowered fares, it ultimately came full cycle and only resulted in virtual monopoly. Three distinct stages occurred during its evolution. […]

Versatile Wedge Shoes

Looking for a new pair of shoes is always fun and exciting. Women of all ages love them as they are some of the most fashionable items on the market today. They say shoes are a woman’s best friend because they take you everywhere. Well, can you say the same with high heeled shoes? Sure, […]

New York City – Must Watch Broadway Shows

Broadway theatre is considered as one of the most professional theatre streets present in the whole world. It can easily accommodate up to six hundred audiences. This Broadway is situated at the theatre district in Manhattan, New York. In this English speaking city, it is ranked as the most commercially profitable theatres. The earning of […]